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Java-Swul is a domain-specific language (DSL) for creating Java SWING user interfaces. The Java-Swul language is embedded in Java. In this fasion it provides a concrete syntax for creating SWING objects.

The Java-Swul package enables you to transform Java code with embedded Java-Swul code to Java code. In this tranformation the Java-Swul is assimilated into the surrounding Java. Giving you the power of Java with an easy and straightforward way to create user interfaces.

The Swul part of the name comes from SWING userinterface language and combined with Java makes Java-Swul. It was first contrived when developing the MetaBorg method.


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How to get it

Java-Swul can be installed from source or from a package.

  • Source can be found in our Subversion server
  • Binaries are build by our buildsystem

Java-Swul requires the following packages:

Some pointers on source compilation

After a checkout from our Subversion server for a source compilation and installation:

  • ./bootstrap
When building Java-Swul from source the following configure parameters might be needed:
  • ./configure
    • --prefix=<dir>
    • --with-strategoxt=<dir>
    • --with-java-front=<dir>
    • --with-aterm=<dir>
    • --with-sdf=<dir>
Or when pkg-config is available:
  • ./configure
    • --prefix=<dir>
After which a normal build and install can be done:
  • make
  • make install

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