Installation Trouble

Stratego -- Strategies for Program Transformation
This page discusses common problems (or non-problems) with the installation of Stratego on certain platforms.

ATerm Installation

(for Stratego/XT 0.14 and earlier)

I ran into a little trouble installing the most recent version of Stratego, and I've included the output which includes the error message. This probably isn't terribly informative, but in case it's of any use, I thought I'd send it to you. I went ahead and installed an earlier version instead and had no trouble doing so.

   /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lATerm-gcc

This looks as if you didn't configure the ATermLibrary with the --with-all (or at least --with-gcc) flag or did not install it or did not configure the Stratego installation with the right path to the aterm library. Please check whether libATerm-gcc.a is installed in ATerm prefix/lib.


Stratego programs sometimes show random failure on Athlon machines. This appears to be due to a combination of faulty motherboards in combination with an old Linux kernel (before 2.4.16). It has nothing to do with the Stratego compiler. Source: WesselDankers.

Mac OS X

Stratego 0.6 and later versions did not work on early versions of Mac OS X due to a big in the GCC compiler on the PowerPC. This issue has been fixed in recent versions of Mac OS X (which you are probably running: we are talking about ancient versions here). See also MacOS X Support.

[From here this page is out of date, but some items still apply. Needs refactoring -- MartinBravenboer - 03 Jul 2003]


It seems that the problems with installation on Windows with Cygwin were caused by the case-insensitiveness of Windows. This has been solved in StrategoRelease071.

-- EelcoVisser - 21 Jun 2002

Dit heeft waarschijnlijk te maken met de afhandeleing van newlines en cariage returns. Jurgen heeft hier aan gewerkt. Het probleem is dat onder Cigwin files standard in text mode geopend worden waardoor er een verkeerde translatie plaatsvindt: \n => \r\n. Jurgen heeft dit gefixt volgens mij in een recentere versie van de atermen door files altijd expliciet in binary mode te openen.

Misschien weet hij een workaround voor dit probleem anders moeten we maar proberen over te stappen op versie 1.6.4 van de atermen. --- MerijnDeJonge

The gist of the above: installation of the ATermLibrary on Cygwin runs into trouble with end of line treatment. This appears to be solved with later versions of the library (starting at 1.6.4).

-- EelcoVisser - 30 Nov 2001


Tried bootstrapping 0.6.3, using aterm 1.6.3 on irix-mips-6.5 just now.

I used the gcc-3.0.1 compiler, freshly compiled for the occasion.

To get aterm to build, I had to reduce CFLAGS_GCC from -O4 to -O2, lest the gcc compiler crash on compilation of bafio.c

Building stratego got me this far:

gmake[3]: Entering directory
Makefile:408: no file name for `include'
/work/karltrk/apps/bin/sc -I ./../sig -i pack-stratego
### cannot find term Cons(...(2)) at 104d8b70 in hashtable at pos 45342,
header = 3880
This seems consistent with a bug in aterm, as I had a similar problem before on linux.

Any ideas on how to take this further ? Is it a known problem, or should I just break out the jolt cola and prepare for a long night debugging ?

-- KarlTrygveKalleberg - 14 Dec 2001

The gcc people have been able to reproduce this bug with -O2 also, you might have better luck turning off all optimisation. Eelco, have you heard anything more regarding this bug? I got a mail a week or two ago saying they had merge my bug report with yours.

I've had no luck compiling Stratego with gcc-3.0 on Irix, and compiling with 2.95.x just hangs.

-- OttoSkroveBagge - 14 Dec 2001

0.7beta2 on non-Intel platforms

Stratego 0.7beta2 doesn't work on some platforms at the moment. The bootstrapped compiler works correctly, except that the s2c stage (the translation to abstract C code) generates corrupt output. This has been observed on mips-*-linux and sparc-sun-solaris2.6. Cause: unknown.

-- EelcoDolstra - 26 Feb 2002